6 Reasons To Buy From A Local Mattress Company

6 Reasons To Buy From A Local Mattress Company

There are many benefits to buying a local American-made mattress for your bed, and these are the six main reasons to consider.

1. Higher Quality Materials

Whether you’re shopping for an innerspring or a memory foam mattress, your health is an essential aspect to consider.

Sleeping on a poor-quality mattress could be detrimental to your health as it won’t be supportive enough. On the other hand, a mattress made from higher-grade materials keeps your spine aligned with the rest of your body, so there’s no pressure that could cause discomfort.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission controls the standards of the materials used to manufacture mattresses in America. So buying a mattress from small local companies means you’ll have an American-made mattress constructed from better quality materials than those produced in many other countries.

The products are handmade, so regular quality control checks are carried out to ensure only the best materials are used. These checks allow businesses to catch any issues at an early stage so they can provide customers with the highest quality products possible.

2. Better Value For Money

Although the Federal Trade Commission investigates deceptive business practices, many large national mass-produced mattress brands overcome this by marking up the selling price. Customers are then deceived into thinking they’re getting a better deal when firms mark prices down to a more affordable price.

On the other hand, buying local products ensures that customers have a more transparent overview of the asking price as there are no mark-downs.

And as there’s less cost involved in transporting a mattress than buying one produced overseas, local businesses have fewer overheads to consider than other mattress brands when calculating the price.

So why should you waste money when you can buy a better-value mattress locally?

3. Support Local Businesses And The Local Economy

Customers who buy a mattress from local businesses rather than from large stores can be proud of helping support jobs and the local economy.

Besides, buying local products rather than shopping at a mattress store not only helps support the manufacturer but also many locally-owned businesses. The local firms mostly purchase resources from other local enterprises and service providers, which leads to providing more jobs in the area.

Local mattress businesses also offer their employees fair wages, so there’s no shortage of craftspeople. And when customers bring them enough business, there’s enough work that they can create new jobs.

So by purchasing a new mattress from local businesses, you’ll be supporting American workers.

4. More Flexibility For Customization

There’s no flexibility for customizing the foreign-made mattresses that large companies sell. You just have the possibility to buy what you see at the store. And you can’t guarantee that you’ll find one that will meet all your requirements.

But customers who buy a mattress from a local business can expect flexibility as it will be custom-made at a local factory.

You’ll not only be able to choose the materials, but you can also decide whether the mattress should be slightly softer or firmer to suit your sleep needs.

Many manufacturers also custom-make mattresses for unusual size bed frames if that’s what the customer needs.
And by buying local products, you’ll be provided with far better customer assistance than you’ll get from any international brands.

5. Inspect The Manufacturing Processes

As the Consumer Product Safety Commission controls the mattress industry in America, many businesses are proud of their extremely high safety standards. And they are eager to inform the consumer of their manufacturing process.

So consumers often have the opportunity to inspect the production processes before buying local products. They can visit the factory showrooms to find out which mattress and firmness level are most suitable for the best sleep.

Many mattress brands sold in large retail establishments are foreign-made mattresses, so there’s no possibility of inspecting the manufacturing processes. And unlike local mattress salespeople who’ll guide you toward what suits your needs, the sales associate in a store is trained to guide customers toward the more expensive range of mattresses.

6. Lower Your Environmental Footprint

The long distances necessary for shipping goods to America from companies who produce mattresses in other countries or overseas have a negative effect on the environment.

But when you purchase from local businesses, they don’t need to ship your order long distance. So making purchases locally has an impact on the environment as it lowers your environmental footprint.

Furthermore, businesses that manufacture mattresses locally usually purchase the necessary supplies from other local businesses, so the resources are only shipped short distances.

This reduces transportation demands further, leading to an even lower carbon footprint for customers who purchase locally.

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