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Sleep at the perfect temperature!

Introducing the ChiliPad™

      Once upon a time, we created a personalized bedtime climate. ChiliPad doubled your deep sleep and increased your metabolism. No sleep prescriptions needed.

Designed for one side of the bed (or two!), you can sleep happily ever after tonight. 



Brought to you by the nephew of the waterbed inventor, ChiliPad is a completely water-based solution. Why? Because H2O maintains 25x the cooling efficiency as air. This innovative technology brings active cooling and heating from 55-100°F (13-43°C) right under the covers.
Turn off that dinky nightstand fan tonight.

How does temperature affect sleep?

The human body is at it's coolest in the midst of sleep.  In fact, we all need to start the cooling process to enter the initial stages of sleep.  There have been direct links to the drop in body temperature and the production of melatonin. 

I have air conditioning, why do I need a ChiliPad?

Having the right indoor temperature is very important to set the right sleep environment, but have you noticed that the cool sheet feeling when you get into the bed doesn't stick around for long.  Your mattress and bedding heat up throughout the night.  Many people find their mattresses become too hot to sleep in the middle of the night.  The ChiliPad will actively maintain a set temperature throughout the night.  No more hot mattresses!  The recommended sleep temperature is between 60-68F.   This is virtually impossible to achieve in today's mattresses.   

Will the ChiliPad cost a lot to operate, or save money? 

No! Actually, the ChiliPad has been shown to save as much as $100 per month for some customers.  More than 1/2 the time we are home, we are in our bed.  Yet our HVAC systems are set up to change the temperature of our homes at night, instead of where we are - in bed.  The ChiliPad operates at an average of 80 watts, consuming about the same as an incandescent light.  

Can the ChiliPad be covered by insurance?  

The ChiliPad has been used to reduce the symptoms relating to multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, hot flashes, pain medications, and insomnia and many systems have been covered under various insurance plans however specific coverage would be determined by individual insurance plans. 

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 The Single size ChiliPad is a single zone system allowing the bed to be set in one-degree increments from 55° - 110° F (13° - 43° C) or anywhere in between. Designed to keep one person perfectly comfortable throughout the night, this size regulates the temperature of 1/2 a queen size mattress. ChiliPad is a Kryo product innovation.  

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We are a local small business in OKC.  Sooner owned and operated!  Our mission is to provide Oklahoman's with a quality sleep experience at an afforadble price.  There is no need to over-pay for a great night's sleep!

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Privacy Policy/Terms and Conditions


*Terms and Conditions:

12312 N May Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73120.  Our online services can be found at and email to  We have a second location at 1339 SW 59th St. Oklahoma City, OK 73119.  Hours of operation are subject to change, check our Google Business page or call 405-900-0405 for up to date times.

Warranty:  We offer warranties on all new merchandise displayed in our showrooms, purchased on our website, purchased through our distribution partners, or purchased as new in store.  Floor Model** Furniture has no warranty, the sale is “as is”.  Floor Model** Mattresses may be exchanged within 7 days from the date of purchase.

Prorated warranties include repair, then replacement of manufacturer defective goods.  One (1) service call per item is included in the warranty.  Prorate is 100% cost to us in year one, decreasing by 10% each year, at a 50% cost to us 50% cost to customer at halfway point.

Non-Prorated warranties include repair, then replacement, of manufacturer defective goods.  One (1) service call is included in warranty.  Non-Prorate means we cover 100% of the cost to repair or replace for full length of warranty.

†Exchange Policy:  Our policy is to offer a 30 night exchange of mattresses, requiring a 20 night in home minimum.  This exchange period also requires the purchase, and use, of a Malouf © Encase LT mattress protector.  A 10% restock fee is assumed.  The burden rests with the customer to transport the product in the event of a return or exchange.  We can provide the transportation for a fee.

‡Delivery:  Delivery options and location information must be provided at time of purchase.  Customer is expected to have an adult present at the delivery location, at scheduled delivery time frame.  If we make the drive to the delivery address, and no adult is present, product will not be delivered, delivery will be considered “service rendered” and another delivery fee will apply for additional attempts to deliver.  Customer must sign for the delivery, consenting that merchandise was received in proper working condition, releasing The Mattress Place of any obligation thereafter.

We offer three (3) delivery options, “Curbside”, White Glove”, and “Haul Away”.

“Curbside” delivery refers to only transportation from store location to customer address.  Address required at time of sale.  Delivery fee is calculated as $0.50/mile round trip, plus $10 base fee.

“White Glove” delivery is in addition to the “Curbside” delivery fee.  This includes transportation and set up of merchandise.  Fee is subject to change based on difficulty of setup.  Deliverer is expected to remove waste material from packaging.

“Haul Away” delivery is a seperate fee.  “Haul Away” refers to the removal of, one (1) mattress set, or one (1) sofa, or one (1) loveseat, or one (1) bedroom set, from the customer’s property.  Haul away is contingent on inspection of items.  If items are deemed contaminated, they will not be hauled. Other items may be removed for an additional fee.

**Floor Model sales:  Floor model merchandise is not covered by the original warranty.  Floor Model mattresses may be exchanged, per conditions of the Exchange Policy with the exception of the 30 day period becomes a 7 day exchange period, and the Restock fee becomes 50%.

In-Store LayAway:  The Mattress Place offers an in-store layaway program.  This program requires a down payment of 20% of the total cost of merchandise.  Payments are expected on a regular schedule to be agreed to at time of purchase.  Customer is required to provide a photo ID as well as reliable contact information.  If no payments, and/or communications, are made within a 90-day period, Layaway is considered void and customer forfeits the money paid.  In the event that a layaway plan is canceled by the customer, they are eligible to receive a refund of the money paid to date, minus the 20% down payment.

Privacy Policy:  We respect the privacy of our customers.  We do not store customer payment info on file.  We will not give out your info to any third party buyers.    † ‡ • ⁑ ⁎ ⸹ ⸸